Monday, June 18, 2007

It's so nice to get married!!!

This morning, I was with my smile to the office, this is the first day of working after my crazy wedding ceremony in Brastagi, Indonesia. what do I feel about my new life (if you ask me)? "So far, so good"....

As many of my friends thought, I never know that I will get marry earlier than then. Frist of all, I never shared that there is someone in my mind for sometime. The reason is not because I did not want to share, but I did not know what I really want. You know me, I am the one, who does things when she knows what she wants. Secondly, I was really confuesd did I want a life shared with someone else?....anyway, the answer is "YES"

My wedding party in Brastagi was two days long with many crazy dance and singing....hundred times posing myself for pictures and video and also hundreds times handshaking...I could not tell you how excited it was, but how tiring it was.
The most excited part was the first night party. I was in the "traditional" Indonesian Dress, "KABAYA" with the color "light greent" which I never had in my life. My hair was put tons of jel in order to make it like I am a Karoness. (Karoness, the tribe of my husband) I was totally not like what I used to be. A drama of showing how my Godfamily and Ian's family agreed this marriage was fristly taken place in this party. I was eating with hand, sitting down with my origional family. They discussed about my "dowry" in the wedding. Luckily, my Godfamily only needed to pay the Food of wedding party, which they showed with three dishes of meat. I was invited to stand up in front of my Godfamily, and my husband Ian was on the other side in front of his family. 5 mins dancing, Ian came and hold my hands, brought me back to his side and standing with his family. Till here, I knew that I am a member of Sembiring Family (Ian's family) officially.
They gave a BIG space in the mid of wedding hall suddenly and meanwhile I was wonering why all of them left us alone there. Ian spoke in Karo and opened the wedding party officially with a introduction of the song he was going to sing. OH, it must be the most important part for all the relatives and friends, cause it's time for listening from this new couple that how much they love each other by their songs and dance. (Frankly speaking, this is most scaring part for me...) People were shouting and laughing when Ian was singing. Unexpectedly, many of them started to move to Ian and gave him some thing in hand. later on, I found out that was " money". the way, Karoness people appretiate new couple's love. You ask me, did I also get some? SURE!!! when the second song of my was just beginning to sing, people could not help to come to me for I was singing in Karo, their language!!!
The Dance was more scaring to me, since I always feel that the dance of Koraness people is very disgusting!! Therefore, I refused to learn it till the very last mintues of the preparation of my wedding. Only once, in a family gathering, Ian's anti was kind of forcing me to join the dance. That was my first time and only time of practice. Than, how did I dance in the party? According to people there (later on they shared with Ian), ChungChih's dance was "fantastic"....