Saturday, July 29, 2006

Affection is a one way road!

Affection is a one way road!

It’s right that “affection is a one way road”
No matter you like me, I like you or he likes her, it’s always a one way road.
There is no absolute mutual communication. It doesn’t mean how much you have shared will also get back the same. There is no “fair” or “equal” in the relationship.

Hence, someday when you are in love with someone, and luckily he feels the same way, this will be the most happiness.

However, there is no one can guarantee to maintain a relationship long as her/his life. After all, there are always a lot of challenges and variables in the relationship while couples are together. The separation between couples is not always because they no longer love each other. Therefore, when you have someone in mind and you are in her/his mind as well, it’s important to treasure the day you spend together and to live in every moment you are together.

The Blessedness could not be importuned from God. No matter how long the couple could be with each other, we should give our deeply thanks to God. Thanks God for letting us meet each other in this point of time.

While we are having affection, to keep a heart with treasure and thanksgiving, will always be the beginning of the happiness.

For you, my dear friend.

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