Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am sorry I need to go....

I never told others, I mean I never announce that
I was once in love with you....once, I was deeply in love with you...

For the pass 637 days,
I have been in my struggles of being loving you or not...
even you were with another girl when we had a trip to thailand...

I need to go now!
the 637 days love story is more then enough for me!
I love you, still love you,
yet, I need to go now!
for haven sakes, I need to go and forget you!

be good to yourself,
be nice to others,
you will be in my prayers always,
I need to go now!
sorry for not being your friend
and will never ever be your friend again!!

I love you,
just like how much I love myself!

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